OCI's Brian Coyner to present at CocoaConf (Chicago, IL), March 16-17, 2012

ST. LOUIS, MO - Brian Coyner, Principal Software Engineer with OCI, will present a pair of Mac OS X and iOS programming topics at CocoaConf, March 16-17, 2012, in Chicago, IL.

Brian will present innovative techniques for writing and maintaining quality unit tests in "Embracing OCUnit" and teach participants how to leverage the Core Animation framework for fantastic animations in "Visualize Your Data With Core Animation".

More information about Brian and his presentations can be found here: http://cocoaconf.com/speaker/viewDetails/32

The CocoaConf home page is:  http://cocoaconf.com/home/announcement

CocoaConf is a technical conference for iPhone, iPad, and Mac developers. It brings together developers, trainers, and authors who have "been there and done that" and are "eager to pass on what they've learned."

Brian founded and leads the West St. Louis CocoaHeads group and is a recognized leader for Mac OS X and iOS development in the St. Louis region. He has been with OCI for twelve years, serving clients in a variety of challenging leadership roles.

OCI is an experienced software solutions engineering company, a trusted outsourced development partner, and a leading technology educational services provider with offices in St. Louis, MO and Tempe, AZ. OCI is proud of Brian's dedication and his willingness to share his insights and experiences with the CocoaConf attendees.