OCI Named as AVIATION WEEK Innovation Challenge Finalist

ST. LOUIS, MO - Innovation is of critical importance to the future of the aerospace and defense industry. Inspiring, visionary companies are essential to maintaining a culture of innovation to advance the aerospace and defense industry and ultimately global society.

Each year Aviation Week sponsors a competition called "Innovation Challenge" to identify small businesses that are pushing the technology envelope. This year they had twice as many entries as last year.  A panel of strategic sourcing and engineering/technology experts narrowed the field to 80 entries, then further narrowed it to just a few finalists.

OCI was named as a finalist in the Software category. The OCI entry was its open source software development toolkit (SDK) for OpenDDS. OpenDDS is OCI's open source implementation of the Object Management Group Data Distribution Service (DDS) for real-time systems. The SDK is based on the widely used Eclipse graphical modeling tool. This tool enables developers to portray the systems they are developing in a graphical form, using a standard notation (Unified Modeling Language) and then generating code that will implement substantial portions of the design. This tool is a both a comprehension and productivity aid. The tool uses the XMI model exchange format which allows for model sharing between tools. Developers can use their favorite modeling tool to check and review, then leverage models from other development teams employing different toolsets. Systems that that are designed with models evolve faster and are more accurate as the tools often check for validity.

OCI will be in attendance March 7th at the Innovation Roundtable being held at the Washington, D.C. Marriott. The awards will be announced at the Luncheon. Aerospace and defense industry leaders will be participating in a day long discussion about how to identify ways to strengthen the innovation capacity of the aerospace and defense industry.

Dr. Ebrahim Moshiri, the CEO of OCI, commented, "We are gratified at our inclusion by Aviation Week in this list of leading small business technology providers. Our engineers love the challenges of our assignments and our clients benefit from their creativity. This validates our team."

For additional information on OpenDDS, the OpenDDS SDK, or other aerospace and defense industry services, please contact OCI.